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Take a Tour of 1305 Potomac House

Today I’m going to take you on a tour of the Potomac House in Georgetown. The Potomac House is a great place to live and there are a lot of things to cover, so here is a quick rundown of everything you need to know:

    1. A closed-loop security system covers the entire building. However, you should still be careful when letting people in.
    2. The Potomac house features regular trash and recycling services. Cardboard boxes must be broken down and put in recycling.
    3. All residents get three keys: the key to the front door, your unit key, and your mailbox key.
    4. The foyer has designated mailboxes and an area for incoming packages.
    5. There are fire extinguishers and fire alarms on every level. The lower level also has sprinklers in case of an emergency.
    6. The setup is very similar to all units.
    7. Each unit comes with a radiator and window A/C unit. You have to wash the filters for the A/C unit. The radiator heat is a management paid expense.
    8. When you move in, management will make sure that none of the drains are clogged.
    9. The kitchens come with gas stoves and a garbage disposal. There is a garbage disposal below the sink, as well as a red reset button on the bottom of the disposal.
    10. Every unit has a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.
    11. The fuse box is also in the kitchen. Emergency information is all located on the front of the fuse box.
    12. All work requests can be done directly through the website portal that you will receive upon becoming a resident.

That is just a brief overview of all this amazing building has to offer. To get the full experience, make sure you check out the above video.

If you are interested in living at the Potomac House or if you have any other real estate questions for me, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!