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The Impact of Brexit on the D.C. Real Estate Market

How has Brexit impacted the D.C. housing market? So far, there is a lot of uncertainty in financial markets and long-term implications there. In our local real estate market, however, a lot of people are putting money into really safe se...

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6 Tips for Keeping a Vacant Home Secure

I was recently going through a listing for one of my investors who is selling soon. I was doing a final walkthrough, making sure there were no surprises, until I found one. Well, two actually. I found a couple of broken windows in the rear ...

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How We Helped Cara Sell and Purchase a House

“He sold our house we were in and helped us purchase a new house. When he was helping us negotiate the sale of our previous home he really went above and beyond to help us understand all of the offers that were coming in. He spoke with ea...

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Four Things to Do Before Listing Your Home in DC

How you maximize your marketability and your sales price before you sell? I like to think that there are three really important criteria to consider when preparing to sell your home: 1. Get rid of the clutter. Potential buyers want to s...

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What You Need to Know Before Investing

A lot of people in Washington D.C. want to invest in real estate because it’s one of the greatest ways to build long-term wealth and a steady stream of passive income. But why invest in today’s market? The stock market is extremely v...

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